Men's necklaces


    Men's necklaces

    For a man, necklaces can be easily found in our selection. We have most of the chains completely steel. In the chains you will also find cotton necklaces, which are well suited for pendants. In addition to the steel, there is also some cheaper copper and brass chains that are coated.

    Men's steel necklace

    In men's necklaces, many products are made of steel. Steel 316L, or surgery steel, is an acid -proof steel. It is a very strong material and is perfect for jewelry. Compared to silver or gold steel does not need to be polished and the steel is much harder.

    Men's golden necklaces

    Men's golden necklaces are gilded metal. At Ninja, we have a gold -colored necklace without exception in gilded steel. The base of the necklace is a steel jewelry, which is thinly gilded. Gilding on top of the steel is very resistant to use and consumption. The golden necklace in this way is to be a viable alternative to a solid necklace. The price of a golden steel is only a fraction of the price of solid gold jewelry.


    Men's necklace is very often between 50cm and 60cm. Whether it's a necklace or a pendant necklace. The length of the necklace is influenced by the size and style of the user in general. A bigger man will surely have a longer chain than a smaller one.