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Help New product group - our best friends - pets

Help New product group - our best friends - pets


We have now published a whole new category in our online store. Until a few years ago, we played with the idea of ​​pets; Cats and dogs should have their own accessories. We made this one of the April Day, watch a huge video below.

If the video does not appear properly, you can view it directly From Youtube.

But as good ideas often, this was true. Maybe not in its extent that the video tells, but something. This year's Christmas season has already come to our selection Halloween and Christmas -Shered collars for cats and dogs. The collar is adorned with a larger bow of about 8cm diaphragm, with a more witty characters attached to the center. There are bucks, elves, snowflakes, elves, etc. in Halloween bows, for example, ghosts, spiders and bats in Halloween.

Accessories for pets Ninja.fi
These bowels are really light - Only about four grams of weight. The collar is suitable for cats and dogs and why not for other pets. The length of the collar is adjustable between 22cm and 38cm. For cats, that may seem a bit big, but at least in our test, the long -haired cat was nicely settled, just a little loose. Below is our cat Alma and Kitty introduce products. If necessary, the tape can also be tightened or shorter. It should also be remembered that this is a decoration not the actual collar, so it should remain a little looser than normal. There is no metal in the product.

Alma in Christmas Ninja.fi Kisu Halloween Ranet Ninja.fi

Locking is very easy and quick to put on:

Collar for pets Ninja.fi

1. Turn the lock in 90 ° in the direction of

Collar for pets Ninja.fi

2. Pull up or down the hook depending on the direction of the lock

Collar for pets Ninja.fi

However, everyone dresses up as a Halloween and Christmas so why not remember our best friends and also put them in the season! 😍 

And you get some great pictures of IG. 😍 Tag us (@Ninja.fi) On Instagram with your pets in the spirit of Halloween and in the Christmas rider, we'll see what fun you have come up with!

Christmas will come soon!
Tiina ❤️👻🎅🏻

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