Kampin myymälä suljettu 18.9.-1.10.

Kampi store closed 18.9.-1.10.

Construction of the City Centre for Health and Wellbeing begins

As many of you may know, a huge construction project has started in the centre of Helsinki to build a new health and well-being centre. This is a great and much needed project.

Unfortunately, however, every major construction project has its side effects. This time the construction work directly affects our Kampi store. The construction site next to the power house will cause temporary inconvenience to our shop, which means that we will have to keep our shop open for a while. closed from 18.9. to 1.10..

The online shop will operate normally

Although the shop is closed, our online shop is open 24/7! You can still shop as normal in our online shop and orders will be delivered without delay.

If you want to collect your order yourself, this is still possible! We will make the pick-up process as smooth as possible. However, we would like to ask you to contact our customer service first before you arrive on site. Our staff will be on site during the renovation period. This way we can ensure that everything goes smoothly and safely.

We wanted to thank you for your understanding. We appreciate each and every one of our customers and hope to see you all again in October when the doors reopen.

Thank you, and stay in touch!

Best regards,
Ninja Customer Service

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