Viekkaat kissamaiset aurinkolasit *kissa aurinkolasit*

Cunning cat -like sunglasses *cat sunglasses *

Cat sunglasses

Cat Eye sunglasses have been in a fierce cry since 2020 and their popularity will continue. It is certainly not a new model, but cat glasses have shone in the limelight of the fashion world for decades. When they first gained popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, the style was immediately seen on the faces of Hollywood's brightest stars. The most well -known of them are Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. The cat's sunglasses have been preserved in sunglasses and in an eye -for -life way in a modern way.

What kind of face are cat sunglasses fit?

Cat -like sunglasses are best suited for oval faces. Actually, almost all sunglass styles are suitable for oval face. The oval faces are equal, so it's no wonder that such peculiar sunglasses fit into their face.

But yes, those cat -like sunglasses are suitable for other shaped faces. If your face is square, you should choose more rounded or more oval in cat -like glasses.

There are plenty of facial types and glasses are worth fitting in peace to find a model that does not emphasize certain strong features but balances more. Below we have brought up our selection and there is any cat sunglass this year!

Cat sunglasses and novelties

Numerous cat -like Aurinoclasses This year features low lenses with the rest of the sunglass and colored series. Of course, black and brown designs hold their ground and are always the most secure choices, but maybe the boring ones. Below you can see the 2021 sunglass selection of cat sunglasses.


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