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Flame sunglasses must!

Flame sunglasses

Many have seen flame glasses in Somme and wondered where the flame sunglasses get. Low sunglasses represent a good current style when you want low sunglasses - and the ones you don't have to pull on your eyes but can be left on your nose.

Our range includes a variety of flame sunglasses - there is a monochrome lens and a mirror -coated lens in numerous shades. There are also a few different sizes. The designs are similar in width, but there are differences at the height of the lens.

We have introduced a few different models to make it easier to visualize different flame models.

Monochrome flame sunglasses (lens height 3cm)

Monochrome flame sunglasses (lens height 3cm)

Monochrome flame sunglasses (lens height 2.6cm)

Mirror -covered flame sunglasses (lens height 2.6cm)

The flame glasses are completely framed, which emphasizes the quality of the glasses. Like flames, different formed lenses can be found in our sunglasses a lot. You can browse the sunglasses here, where the lenses are cut into different shapes.

We have a lot of different shaped lenses in addition to the flame in addition to sunglasses. You get from here To look at the full range of shaped lenses.


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