Onko kangasmaskin käytöstä hyötyä?

Is it useful to use fabric mask?

Is it useful to use fabric mask?


This is a question that is reportedly daily. There are allegations on the Internet in both directions. Some think it saves the world, others think that the whole corona is a scam. According to the latest survey in Germany, the use of face masks had a significant impact on preventing the spread of the disease.

In conclusion, researchers estimate that masks have reduced daily reported infection in Germany by about 47 %. So the effect has been clear.

The World of Technology 7.12.2020 7:20 "German study: Facial masks clearly reduced the amount of infection of the coronavirus "


When choosing a fabric mask, it is also worth noting that they have a pocket for Filter. With the replacement filter, you extend the life of the fabric mask and improve its power in droplet infections. The filter creates one layer adds to the fabric mask and, to some extent, complicates the air through the flow. In principle, however, this is Filter's operating principle - prevents droplets that spread with the airflow.

We always recommend using Filter between the fabric mask! In our range you will find the so -called TNT FILTER IN THE PACKAGE OF 20 songs. Our Italian filters are in propypropylene and withstands consumption very well. Also, the material does not absorb moisture but move it forward to the fabric, which improves the power and duration of the Filter.


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