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Order a free ring measurement now and avoid unnecessary returns!

Order your free ring measurement now and avoid unnecessary returns!

Choosing a ring size is an important part of buying a ring to ensure its comfortable use and fit on your finger. There are a number of factors that influence the choice of ring size, including the width of the ring and the curvature of the inner surface. 

Wider rings usually require a larger size than thinner rings. This is because wider rings cover more of the finger surface and therefore require a larger size to fit comfortably on the finger. Another factor that influences the size of a ring is the curvature of its inner surface. Rings that are curved on the inside often fit the finger better than flat ones, so a smaller size may be sufficient.

See also the video on how to use a ring gauge! 


Finger measurement

There are several home-made methods for measuring the size of your ring, but they are usually not very accurate. One way is to wrap a string or thin piece of paper around your finger and mark the point where they meet. The length of the string can then be measured and the diameter of the finger calculated from this. It should be remembered, however, that the string is quite thin and cannot be used to properly measure the movement of the ring, for example over a stone. Also, the string does not stay round like the ring.

We recommend ring gauge to use. You can now order a ring gauge from our online shop for free! You only pay the shipping costs. Ring gauge is a very easy and safe way to get exactly the right size.

Ring measurement | Ninja.fi

Here's how to use a ring gauge:

  1. Slip one end of the ring gauge into the loop on the other end and pull.
  2. Place the ring gauge on your finger and tighten it until it is tight but comfortable. 
  3. Adjust the ring gauge so that you can just barely get it over the joints off your finger. Remember that the ring should go over the joint.
  4. Once you have the ring size right, read the ring size on the ring size scale. The sizing scale is in the US dimensions.
  5. See the corresponding size chart on our website. 

For the most accurate measurement results, take your measurements at different times of the day. Our ring gauge you can be sure that the ring you order will fit perfectly on your finger, avoiding discomfort or disappointment with a ring that is too big or too small.

Ring Gauge | Ninja.fi


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