Ninja Vantaa - Kauppakeskus Myyrmanni

Ninja Vantaa - Shopping Center Myyrmanni

Ninja Vantaa - Shopping Center Myyrmanni


Our first store in the Helsinki metropolitan area opened To Myyrmann Shopping Center To Vantaa in 2000. Our store was located on the second floor of the shopping center Anttilan next to the entrance.

Myyrmanni and at the same time Finland had an unprecedented event in 2002 A bomb exploded in the mall. As a result of the tragic event, the shopping center was held for several weeks.

The era of our Myyrmann store ended at the end of the first lease period in 2005, when we had already expanded the store network in several destinations in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Although you are not now able to hypnotize our products in Myyrmann, you can always order products directly to your home from our online store!