The length and weight of the earrings


The length of the earrings in the table helps to visualize the length of the earrings in the ear. The length of the earrings is measured from the top of the earrings to the bottom of the jewelry. If the jewelry has a hook, the length is measured at the top of the hook.

The choice of jewelry length is also greatly influenced by the user's neck length and the haircut model.

Earrings weight classes


In order to facilitate the choice of earrings, we have added weight rates to the earrings. The lightest earrings are really the lightweight and heaviest party jewelry that is used for just one evening or moment.

The materials are definitely lighter, wood and plastic. The heaviest ones are the jewelry with large glass stones and have a thick frame. Even large steel earrings are not forced to heavy if the material is thin or hollow in the tires.