Joulujuhlat, pikkujoulut... Miten osallistua turvallisesti?

Christmas party, Christmas party ... How to participate safely?

Christmas party, Christmas party ... How to participate safely?


What about a Christmas party? Although the gathering is now strongly restricted, especially in the Helsinki metropolitan area, many Christmas parties will be organized - maybe a little smaller than planned, but still Christmas.

Christmas fabric masks


Still celebrate the Christmas party safely! We now have a lot of facial masks suitable for our Christmas party so you don't always have to choose that boring black. Our online store now has many different glittering and Christmas -themed fabric masks. One absolute hit has now been sequin maskt, found in many different colors. However, if black fits better in your outfit then how would you be black lace mask?? A little Christmas party is definitely black letter mask, which also facilitates identification. 😉 These really ended once.

Sequin mask

If you want a little more relaxed going then how would you a flying buck?? Or red knitwear?? These are also used to use men and if you don't agree then let's go with black basic mask.

Santa Claus

Of course, we have also remembered the smallest of the family with different Christmas prints. Santa and vehicles, Santa and reindeer, These prints can also be found for adults - Match Match. 😃 Although the name of the children's mask is so many adults have found the right size for themselves if the face has been compact. Instead of a children's mask, you can talk about an XS -size mask.

See all face masks from here.

Christmas grooming,

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