"Halvat aurinkolasit vahingoittavat silmää?"

"Cheap sunglasses hurt your eye?"

Although this claim is often heard, it is not true. The definition of sunglasses is based on their ability to prevent UV radiation. The UV-A and -B 400 marking means that they prevent UV radiation up to 400nm.

What is UV radiation?

UV or ultraviolet radiation is an electromagnetic radiation from the sun (or flux, halogen or ultraviolet lamp), which is shorter than visible light. Radios that are hazardous to humans include UV-A (wavelength 315-380nm) and UV-B (wavelength 280-315nm).

UV radiation has been found to cause mutagens, or damage to human DNA. The shorter the wavelength of radiation is the more dangerous to humans. Radiation intensity is influenced by the location (the earliest time of the year), the time of the year (strong in summer), the time of the day (most effective at noon and early evening), weather conditions (clouds prevent radiation), height above sea level (stronger in the mountains) and reflective surfaces (snow and water).

Cheap sunglasses

All of our sunglasses are the EU Directive 89/686/EEC and sunglasses in accordance with EN-1836: 1997, ie, for general use.

The difference between cheap and expensive glasses lens is often in their way of manufacturing. The method of making cheaper lenses is to press plastic. If the press is done poorly, the lens may become distorted; Well done, distortions do not occur. But godparents just so they don't take you! Source: Royal consumer 

The darkness of the lenses

Clear lens sunglasses also protect against UV radiation, after all, they are sunglasses. The color of the lens does not matter because UV filtering is a feature of the plastic. The color of the lenses affects their ability to prevent the sun's glare (which is thus different than harmful UV radiation). Sunglasses are divided into five categories according to their glare protection:

  • 0: Bright lens, no glare protection - a glass of residence
  • 1: Minor sunshine
  • 2: Middle sunshine
  • 3: Strong sunshine
  • 4: Extremely strong sunshine, not suitable for driving a car

Most of our sunglasses belong to class three, meaning they fit into the strong sunshine and can drive a car in the head.

Good and high quality sunglasses can be obtained cheap. It should not be forgotten that most of the cost of sunglasses for the company does not come from manufacturing but for the company's fixed and variable costs.

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