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Näyttävät Juhlakorut

Juhlakorut ja hiuskoristeet juhlakampauksiin. Koristele hääkampauksesi strasseilla tai helmillä ja löydä yhteensopivat korut helposti verkkokaupastamme.


    Festive hairstyle and jewelry

    Wedding accessories and party jewelry are an important part of graduating. Particularly, it is a good idea to start planning a party hairstyle in time. Nowadays, you can easily find model hairstyles on the web as a source of inspiration. From our online store, you can easily order beautiful decorations for kamaisa and Palne's various party jewelry directly to your home.

    When designing a party hairstyle, it is often worth consulting a hairdresser. You can first gather ideas online and introduce these to your hairdresser and think together about what would be most appropriate for you and your suit. Once the style of the hairstyle is decided, it can be decorated with the numerous hair ornaments. Attachment options can be found in a lot of inheritance, ranging to more complex bending hair ornaments. Styles and dye can also be found in classic pearl jewelry to stylish rhinestones. You can find all of these in our online store.

    When the hairstyle and suit are known, you can plan to buy jewelry. Choosing a necklace is the most influenced by the shape of the collar. The V -hole festive dress is best suited for a V -type pendant necklace, while the O -model more traditional pearl ribbon. You can also find any models in our range of the appropriate party earrings.

    Use of party jewelry

    On the day of the holiday itself, remember to put the jewelry last, only after makeup and scents. This prevents their chemicals from getting on the jewelry gloss on the jewelry.

    Storage of party jewelry

    Always store the party jewelry in dry space. This keeps your party jewelry shine good for a long time.