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Impressive party jewelry

Party jewelry and hair decorations for party hairstyles. Decorate your wedding hairstyles with rhinestones or beads and find compatible jewelry easily in our online store.


    Men's and women's necklaces for everyday and celebration. You can easily find party necklaces and trend necklaces in our online store in different categories or even using a search function. Wood beads and wood necklaces made in Finland are always an easy choice for everyday life. The absolute number one to work is the key necklace where you can catch the keys and access tags.

    How to choose the right hand necklace?

    Necklaces are made from many different lengths, depending on where it wants to set up with the user. Often, necklaces also have a so -called sequel, which allows the user to adjust the length of the piece of jewelry so that it just settles for him.

    There are their own names for the necklace lengths, of which Chker That is, the neck is the best known. Other lengths are: Collar, Princess, Matinee, Opera and Rope or Larias.

    • Choker necklaces have recently been in tough fashion. The Chokers follow the neck tightly.
    • Collar necklaces are usually slightly over 40cm long and fit nicely with the collars.
    • Princess is a standard for lightweight pendants, +46cm. It settles on top of the chest.
    • Matinee settles in the middle of the chest, length about 51-61cm
    • Opera necklaces are commonly used with party dresses. It settles below the chest. Length +76cm
    • Rope, or Lariat, is a very long necklace over 86cm long, which can also be used twice.

    Necklace length

    The lengths of men's necklaces

    Often in men, the necklace of the same length is slightly higher than the woman, thanks to a wider neck. However, this is very individual. Many men's pendants use a so -called slider that can be used to regulate the neck length considerably - from 55cm to up to 80cm.

    Necklace length