Häät, vanhojentanssit, Pikkujoulut, vuosijuhlat

Näyttävät Juhlakorut

Juhlakorut ja hiuskoristeet juhlakampauksiin. Koristele hääkampauksesi strasseilla tai helmillä ja löydä yhteensopivat korut helposti verkkokaupastamme.


    Hair jewelery is a big category and contains a lot of different types of hair jewelry. You can easily search for your own style or product by oppressing more. With your hairpieces, you cheer up everyday or even create a party hairstyle. Hair jewelery may have a glass of sparkling or even flower -like cushion. During the summer, a little bit of sparkling can easily be added to flowering hairstyles.

    Use of party jewelry

    On the day of the holiday itself, remember to put the jewelry last, only after makeup and scents. This prevents their chemicals from getting on the jewelry gloss on the jewelry.

    Storage of party jewelry

    Always store the party jewelry in dry space. This keeps your party jewelry shine good for a long time.