Men's sunglasses


    Men's stylish sunglasses

    In our range you will find stylish men's sunglasses for every situation. Here you will find fashionable sunglasses, trendy sunglasses, SUBMISSIONAL SUBMISSIONS, SUBMISSIONS for water and boating, and sunglasses and Sports for sports.

    Our selection includes polarizing sunglasses with polarizing lenses, mirror -coated lenses, gradient lenses and various sinking sunglasses. All of our sunglasses are EU standards and lenses.

    What kind of sunglass for a man?

    Nowadays, the border between men and women's sunglasses is really drawn in water - no longer always talking about gender division in sunglasses. Many sunglasses are unisex sunglass. Typical sunglass styles for a man are Aviator glasses, or pilot glasses, street-credible low-angular sunglasses, sports sunglasses, round sunglasses and other retro sunglasses.

    The sunglass model for a man largely depends on the need. Athletic glasses are perfect for harder going, driving and boat and water. For boat and water, sunglasses are ideal, especially if the lenses are polarized. Polarized models can be found in our selection.

    Round sunglasses and retro sunglasses are often real classic sunglasses for a man. There are many old and renovated vintage spiritual designs.

    Pilott sunglasses are a classic really far from World Wars. A well -known pilot gland made himself known in Top Gun's movie. The 80s and Tom Cruise are starring this golden age of pilot glass, which has continued to the present day.

    A trendy sunglass for a man

    Many classic models always become an updated version according to trends. Trends can be round or angular shapes, certain colors, or very accurate more special form of poles.

    Inexpensive and high quality sunglasses are favorable for trendy sunglasses. They withstand use and protect the eye.

    Sunshine dimensions

    The dimensions of sunglasses

    To make it easier for you to choose the right size sunglasses, we always report the length of the hand, the width of the hand, and the height of the lens as shown in the picture below.

    Sunglasses for the eyes

    Protecting the eyes from the sun's UV radiation is important, but the use of glasses is often also a fashion issue. The EU Directive requires that all sunglasses sold in the EU have 100% UV protection (UV400), a certificate of CE marking on the sunglass body. CE approval means that sunglasses meet all EU requirements for sunglasses (EN ISO 12312-1: 2013).

    Protecting children's eyes is particularly important because the child's eye lens allows more UV radiation than an adult and radiation can penetrate up to the retina, deteriorating. Good sunglasses are large and also protect against UV radiation from the side. The UV or UV 400 marking in sunglasses indicates that the glasses completely filter UV radiation.

    Polarized lens

    Polarized lenses are needed especially in snow and water.

    Sunglass Cat rating

    CAT classes the classification of sunglasses protection. The glare protection and UV protection are two different things.

    Cat 0 - Imagolas
    The lenses of the sunglasses are bright or light. Sunglasses allow 81-100% of the sun's rays. They do not protect against glare, but they have UV protection according to the EU Directive.

    Cat 1 - Cloudy Weather Lens
    Light permeability rate 44-80%. These are well suited for cloudy weather, with minor sunshine. In glassesis the UV protection of the EU Directive

    Cat 2 - semi -cloudy weather lens
    Light transmission 19-43%

    CAT 3 - Sunny and Bright Weight Lens
    The sunglasses of this class are the best for normal use. They filter 9-18% of the light and thus provide good comfort even on sunny weather.

    Cat 4 - Dark Lenses
    Really dark lens for extreme conditions such as mountains or desert. The light transmission rate is only 3-8%. The lens is so dark that these sunglasses should not be used, for example, when driving a car.

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