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    Once you learn to use rings you can't be without them anymore. Our selection includes alternating eg. spectacular women's rings, children's rings, men's steel rings. Steel rings are a popular material on the rings. It is much harder than silver, so in thin models it does not lose shape as the silver ring does. Also, it does not change its color but stays in the color of the steel.

    How to choose the right size ring?

    The ring should be tight, but still so loose that it can be easily removed. We use the rounded inside diameter of the ring in the rings. If you have a suitable ring, you can easily measure it with an inner diameter ruler. Remember, however, wide rings may require a size larger than thin rings. Inside, curved rings often fit better than even, which may be sufficient even a smaller size.

    Ring measuring the size of the finger

    When measuring the diameter of the finger, it is advisable to measure it to a measure of the width of the ring. You can use a string or paper cut to measure. Remember, however, that the ring should cross the joint.

    Prefer to measure a few times during the day. During the day and evenings, the fingers are often a bit swollen, so we always recommend measurement in the evenings. The hands should be normal, avoid measuring cold fingers in particular. Attention this especially in winter. In the mornings, the fingers have rested and usually at their narrowest.


    Full table

    Ring diameter Ninja.fi

    ⌀ mm
    Circumference mm (big) Us #
    15 15,70 49,3 5
    16 16,51 51,9 6
    17 17,32 54,4 7
    18 18,14 57,0 8
    19 18,95 59,9 9
    20 19,76 62,1 10
    21 20,57 64,6 11
    22 21,39 67,2 12
    23 22,20 69,7 13
    24 23,01 72,3 14 

    To change the size of the ring

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