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    Men's high quality rings

    Rings are always on display, and especially in men, they immediately put the eye in the eye. They can tell a lot about their users. For this reason, we have continuously raised and grow men's ring selection. Our range includes fine ring materials such as surgical steel and titanium, but also Wolframi and ceramic material.

    What kind of ring for a man?

    Rings sold to men vary greatly in style. It is always about the user and his needs and how the ring hits the whole style.

    There are traditional narrow and wider rings and more modern patterned and decorated rings. Impressive and more massive stem rings are also a very masculine choice for a finger.

    Steel ring

    Strong stainless steel is made of iron, coal and chrome. Stainless steel is widely used from kitchen items to the car's spare parts. The quality of the steel varies widely depending on its purpose. In Ninja, we use the highest quality 316L steel in our jewelry, the so -called surgical steel.

    Steel is the most popular material in men's rings. Its durability, strength and price make the ring a very favorable customer. Our range includes steel -colored rings, gilded steel rings and black -colored steel rings, where the color is coated on the steel.


    The titanium is externally close to the steel color, slightly grayer and much lighter. It is a relatively new material in the rings and in general in the production of jewelry. Like steel, there are also titanium qualities. Titanium is made in two quality: 90% pure titanium and 99.2% pure titanium. We use only this cleaner 99.2% pure titanium in jewelry.

    Titanium is a very strong material with steel and does not scratch easily. It is really difficult to scratch compared to steel, for example. Titanium is a hypoallergic material, meaning that the material does not react with the skin. In this way, titanium is the perfect material for people who are very allergic to different metals.

    What is the right ring for the whole man?

    The eternal challenge is to find the right size ring without matching. As a unit of measure, we use millimeters as a unit of measurement and report the size of the ring as a diameter of the ring. The diameter of the ring is measured from the inner surfaces of the ring.

    The size of the ring is influenced by the much chosen finger, the width of the ring and the inside of the ring. A small room for maneuver can be found on the selected finger. If the ring is too big for the middle finger then the ring is very likely to work in the index finger. If the ring is too small for the middle finger, it is likely to fit an anonymous or little barbecue.

    How to choose the right size ring?

    The ring should be tight, but still so loose that it can be easily removed. We use the rounded inside diameter of the ring in the rings. If you have a suitable ring, you can easily measure it with an inner diameter ruler. Remember, however, wide rings may require a size larger than thin rings. Inside, curved rings often fit better than even, which may be sufficient even a smaller size.

    Ring measuring the size of the finger

    When measuring the diameter of the finger, it is advisable to measure it to a measure of the width of the ring. You can use a string or paper cut to measure. Remember, however, that the ring should cross the joint.

    Prefer to measure a few times during the day. During the day and evenings, the fingers are often a bit swollen, so we always recommend measurement in the evenings. The hands should be normal, avoid measuring cold fingers in particular. Attention this especially in winter. In the mornings, the fingers have rested and usually at their narrowest.


    Full table

    Ring diameter

    ⌀ mm
    Circumference mm (big) Us #
    15 15,70 49,3 5
    16 16,51 51,9 6
    17 17,32 54,4 7
    18 18,14 57,0 8
    19 18,95 59,9 9
    20 19,76 62,1 10
    21 20,57 64,6 11
    22 21,39 67,2 12
    23 22,20 69,7 13
    24 23,01 72,3 14 

    To change the size of the ring

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