Men's prayer strips

    Prayer strips have been part of men's dress for decades. In addition to the religious meaning, they have come to the accessory side to stay.

    Catholics use a prayer tape to calculate prayers. The prayer tape purchased as an accessory is a stylish Y-jewelry. There are a lot of different designs, materials, sizes and colors. Prayer tape The range of necklaces varies according to sales.

    In the range of necklace, you will also find religious pendants inspired by the miraculous Medical Laboré, Krusifixes, and Guadalupen Virgin (Our Lade of Guadalupe).

    The history of prayer tape

    The first accurate descriptions of prayer tapes have been found in the statues of Hindu 185 BC. - 320 Share. The use of a prayer tape is believed to have begun in prehistoric India.

    Christian The use of prayer tapes is expected to be the cancellation of deserts from the 20th century. The Christians of the East Among the prayer tape was known as Chhotki. In Catholicism, the prayer tape began to be called a rose after the introduction of Ave Maria's prayer. The name is based on a rose, which is considered a flower of Virgin Mary and perfection.

    What does the prayer tape symbolize?

    The prayer tape is a Catholic aid for meditation and prayer. The prayer strips are made of wood, stones, jewels, glass, metal and even plastic. In Christianity rThe thunderstorm has knots and is most often made of wool. Historically, there are a hundred knots in the prayer tape, but nowadays 50 and 33 knots are also used. At the end of the prayer ribbon there is often a braided cross and at certain intervals the beads are repeated between the nodes.

    Can a prayer tape be used if not a believer?

    The importance of the prayer tape and the cross in general as a mere religious symbol has been impaired over time. The cross and prayer ribbon are used as a jewelry without its greater belief in a particular faith.