Shark teeth

How to choose the right shark tooth?

The Hainammas is a familiar hair clip that can be used to do a variety of hairstyles-carefree bums, strings and other hair arrangements. It is particularly fascinated by the ease and versatility of the hair clip. 

The size of the shark tooth

Famous from the 1990s, the Hainammas is a trusted partner and a rescuer of lazy hair days.Hair clips do not necessarily need to attach all hair - some hair can be left open.

When choosing a shark tooth, it is advisable to focus more on the shape of the spikes and on the handle of the grapple itself than on the total length of the tone. With a narrow big model, you will definitely get more hair on than a big and small -grained one.

A variety of materials and forms

In addition to versatility, Hainam from Haininka is available in many forms. There are different sizes, traditional, colorful, decorated, different patterns, plastic and metal and whatever. There are constant new models and shades in the selection.

The plastic shark tooth is always light and certainly softer than metallic. The metal shark tooth is sure to withstand and can use stronger springs thanks to the material. Both work well in the hair. It's more about taste. If you have never tried metal, we will encourage you to test.

There are an endless amount of different models in shark teeth. In addition to the traditional model, the model is popular. In it, the product itself does not rise so much to get out.