Names of ear piercings

Piercings into the ear

There are several different options for piercing the ear. In the picture below, you can easily outline the names and places of the different piercing. The most common piercings are ear piercings (8th and 9th), tragus (5th), Helix (11), Industrial (1) and Conch (13).

Ear piercings

Names of earlines:

  1. Industrial
  2. Forward Helix
  3. Rook
  4. Daith
  5. Tragus
  6. Anti-tragus
  7. Orbital
  8. Lobe
  9. Upper Lobe
  10. Flat
  11. Helix
  12. Snug
  13. Conch
  14. Anti-Helix/Snug