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Faster delivery!

We have changed our delivery terms!


Although Posti promises to deliver Economy letters in four business days, this has not actually happened. We have announced the delivery time for 5-10 business days, which is more responsible for the feedback we receive from you. We have listened to the feedback we received from the delivery methods and removed the Posti Economy letter 5-10 business days, which was free for orders over € 10. We replaced this delivery method with a faster Posti Priority letter with 2-3 business days. Unfortunately, at the same time, we had to raise the free delivery limit to 19 euros.

Free delivery will be available for over € 19 in the future. The total price of many products and product combinations is often between € 19-20. Our customers, that is, it is fair for you that the limit is 19 € and not € 20. For orders less than € 19, the Posti Priority letter is now € 3.90, compared with € 5.90 for orders of less than € 10 for € 3.90.

Product recovery is still free! However, please first contact our customer service before returning. Our customer service gives you instructions on how to return.

See estimated delivery times as well as prices for all delivery methods from here.

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