Ihanat napakorut - valmistaudu kesään!

Lovely pole jewelry - get ready for summer!

Lovely pole jewelry


Even though spring is just at the door, we decided to open the game here and write about the polar jackets. The first new polar jewelry models arrived from the summer collections. The 2021 polar jewelry will be a lot of shiny zirconia and gold and rose gold.

In the end, we have written answers to the most common questions about taking the pole piercing. It must be remembered that pole piercing is really slow. The healing time of about 6-12 months means that this winter season is a good time to take a pole piercing.

In particular, we want to introduce some glittering Zirconi designs. Zirconia is a synthetic diamond. It is wonderfully folded in light, is inexpensive and spectacular. The pictures below show a peek into wonderful new things!

 Heart polar jewelry 107030013629 | Ninja.fiHelmi Naaporu 107030014329 | Ninja.fi

Rose Gold Naaporut 107030013933 | Ninja.fiLong rose gold pole 107030014133 | Ninja.fi

Cross nap 107030014429 | Ninja.fiGolded Zircon nap 107030014632 | Ninja.fi 

Does it hurt to take a pole jewelry?

Good news: Most people say that piercings in the navel don't happen so much. It is comparable to pain in the ear cartilage. If you have taken ear or nose cartilage piercing in the past, then this kind of piercing usually hurts more than the stomach. Some tenderness and throbbing feeling will certainly be in the first few days, but it should not significantly disturb your life.

When should I take the hub?

The pole piercing must be rememberedthat its healing takes much longer than other piercings. Ear piercing usually improves in 6-8 weeks, but the healing of pole piercing can take time from six months to a year. As a result, many recommend piercing the navel in winter so that your piercing during the shoreline has improved.

For pregnancy, a polar jewelry?

Elastic pole jewelry is often replaced with improved pole piercing during pregnancy. Pregnancy pole jewelry is elastic and often longer than a traditional nail jacket banana. The Bioflex material is comfortably elastic and bends easily in the navel.

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