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Using and washing the fabric mask

Using and washing the fabric masks


The use of face masks is coming everyday in the West also. Learning new ways can take a moment, so recap:

When applying face mask, you should always first wash your hands and dry them carefully. With clean hands, you do not spread bacteria to a clean face mask. When you take the fabric mask The package should take it from the strings and place the elastic cords behind the ear. During use, the face mask should not be touched at all. However, if you have to touch the mask, remember to wash your hands carefully before touching it. After use, the fabric mask should be closed in a plastic bag to wait for washing. And then, finally, wash your hands.

Finding exactly the instructions seems quite challenging and accurate. But if we even remembered to use and wash our face masks often enough and wash our hands a little, we would already be on the victory side.

The use of fabric masks should be remembered that their careful washing and enough washing are important. The materials affect how the face mask can be washed in hot water. There are many ways to wash the fabric face mask in many ways:

1. In a washing machine at 60 ° degrees

Dirty face mask should not be touched with bare hands. At least be sure to wash your hands carefully after handling your face mask. Place the washing machine washing program according to the material of the fabric mask and the temperature to 60 degrees. After washing, allow the face mask to dry carefully before use.

2. Handwash

Hand wash is always recommended for the most decorative face masks. Since there are no holes in the protective fabrics that protect the face mask, the decorations are in most cases with fabric adhesive. Depending on the glue, the boiling water can digest the gluing and remove the decorations.
Wash the face mask with as hot water as possible, add a sufficient amount of detergent. Rinse the fabric mask with plenty of water and allow it to dry before use. Be sure to wash your hands after washing.

3. By cooking

Boil the water and mix a small amount of laundry detergent. Drop the temperature slightly so that the waterfall is not all the time. Cook the face mask for about five minutes, then rinse the fabric mask with plenty of water several times. Allow the fabric mask to dry carefully before use.

4. Cleaning with steam

Cleaning the fabric mask with steam is quite simple and easy. The water evaporates 100 ° C, so this method corresponds to the cooking. The advantage here is faster drying. Hang the face mask hanging in a safe place and the steam on the fabric on both sides. Do not spray hot steam on the skin. Allow the fabric mask to dry in peace.

We have heard face masks with some disinfections in the microwave. We do not recommend cleaning fabric masks in the microwave, because of the plastic and metal parts they may contain.Always check product -specific washing instructions on the product or product package. 

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