Kasvomaski suositukset eivät muuttuneet!

Face mask recommendations did not change!

Face mask recommendations did not change!

Although the media was much talked about by the government's tighter face mask recommendation, this did not happen. There is still a strong recommendation in Finland in public spaces in Finland.

Research results have been constantly being published in one direction than in another, sometimes they are harmful to save the world. However, recommendations are given on certain grounds, usually they are not very hep, but are based on research results and experts from experts. Without better information, it is good to rely on the state's recommendation.

There are stricter recommendations in some countries and or their states, but it should be noted that in these countries the disease situation is much more serious than the Finnish situation and the distribution of viral mutations. This can be ahead of us if we do not take care of safety now.

We have now added FFP2 masks to our selection of our customers' wishes. We sell these singly and 50pcs in packages. The masks we sell are made in Italy and they are, as it should, are accepted.


Extra power from fabric masks!

Almost all of the fabric masks we sell have a pocket that we always recommend a filter. In our range you will find two different filters Tnt filters mixed Activated carbon filters. TNT filters ova in Italy with cutting filters made of propypropylene. They withstand a few washes, but we recommend using them only once. Activated carbon filters are considerably five -layer filters thicker than Filter. The middle fabric is the activated carbon fabric and the microfiber fabric on both sides. The outermost layer on both sides is a separate non -woven fabric.

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