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Men's pendant necklace

Men's pendant necklace


In an earlier blog, "Men's necklaces - what kind of necklace for a man?" It was well opened what the men's neck chains were. The story goes through popular materials and chains braids, as well as the popularity of gold and silver in men's neck chains.

In addition to or replacing the neckline alone, many men hang around the neck with a neckline pendant. The pendant does not need to hang in the chain, but leather and cotton are also popular materials on the neckline for the pendant. Men's necklace with leather tape or cotton tape is a softer alternative to a metallic chain. Even if the pendant came in a metal chain, you can always buy a fabric or leather thigh and change the neckline according to clothing. Below is a popular streamlined wing, in the metal chain - the jewelry is completely steel.

 Men's wing pendant in steel chain 60cm 102010047429 | Ninja.fi


Boys pendants

Necklaces for boys often differ from men's necklaces, especially with their playfulness and themes. For the very youngest, many playful themes are important and the necklace is involved in games and at home as a treasure. Popular themes for young boys include: swords, skulls, animals, tribal and teeth. The pendant often hangs in an adjustable cotton or leather strap. Adjustable neckband is often considered easier than a locking necklace that must always be opened separately.

 Harkä pendant in steel chain 60cm 102010047629 | Ninja.fi


If the steel pendant above feels far too massive, then there are a lot of graceful and small pendants in our range. A popular dental pendant is always a sure purchase. See the full range from here.

Male pendants

A pendant men's jewelry is a relaxed choice to replace the traditional chain or in addition. Many people get their first pendant at the neck after a hanging camp. Men's cross necklace is a truly traditional piece of jewelry and many have been looking for a more modern version. Men's tile necklace is certainly a piece of jewelry familiar to many men in their twenties and has kept its popularity. Double tile jewelery for a man, "Dog Tag", a stylish jewelry hanging on the shirt - usually a 60-70cm ball chain hangs 2 tiles, one hanging in a short run from the chain.

Dog tag necklace steel tile pendant 68cm 102070002429 | Ninja.fi 

Nowadays, more and more young adults see only long thin chains or long chains, where a small pendant hangs. The contradiction for a man is still a sure choice, but also small tiles and various stylish symbols or small pendants make a foothold. Natural materials such as leather, wood and stone are increasingly popular in men's jewelry.

In addition to the subdued small pendants, there are a lot of spectacular pendants in the spectacular chains - those jewelry are certainly noticed. A more spectacular jewelry can be seen on the shirt. A massive pendant is certainly noticed.
If a more massive pendant does not fit your style in a long thin chain, the pendant will drop comfortably on the chest and is a more discreet jewelry. Below is a steel cross in a thin steel chain. The chain length is 70cm in the jewelry.

Cross necklace in a long chain steel 70cm 102010046770 | Ninja.fi

The cross pendant for a man is always a stylish piece of jewelry. In addition to the cross necklace rosary It has been a truly traditional product for decades on men's neck. Its popularity has certainly been a bit waning compared to 10 years ago, but it still has a spectacular complement to many different outfits and styles. The prayer tape is also perfect for several necklaces.

The length and thickness of the necklace

Above, the size of the chains for men and boys had already been visited, but here to sum up. The thickness of the chain largely depends on how much attention you want on your necklace. For a young boy pendant, I would choose a relatively thin chain for a pendant about 2-3mm, while for a young adult and a man, the thicker thicker could be 2-6mm.
The length of the chain would be about 40-45cm for a young boy so that the pendant descends just below the collarbone. For a man, the length of the pendant chain varies between 50-60cm, largely depending on the structure of the shoulder area and the thickness of the neck.
Often, in a pendant necklace, a longer chain is a stylish option - 60-70cm would be the most common length in the chain to lower the pendant halfway through the chest.

How do you know what a pendant is good?

There is no right to choose the neckline, but many men have certainly had several beloved pendants in the chains. A cervical pendant for a man will certainly change to the men's chain more frequent according to the season and style. It is a good idea to choose a men's pendant as a gift so that it hits the gift recipient or the giver in some way. Whether it's a certain symbol or even a lucky stone rice. As long as you get a funny nice story around the jewelry, the men's pendant is definitely a perfect gift. You can find jewelry for men in the online store selection from here.

In addition to the products in the pictures above, the online store selection includes stylish pendants in the cotton tape. Easily browse the entire necklace range from the link below.



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