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The most sought -after heart sunglasses

Heart sunglasses

The product that ends every time it comes in a selection. Heart -shaped lenses in sunglasses are a guarantee success. They are loved and liked to use. What can look better than lovely heart sunglasses in a perfect everyday or holiday picture.

We listed the heart of sunglasses on the blog and wrote our own experience with glasses. Really strong recommendation!

Heart sunglasses with frames


"On the face, these glasses were adjusted to sit firmly with the nose supports. The hearts felt very basic and otherwise an easy choice for a summer day. The lenses were nice gradient dyed."


Frameless heart sunglasses


"The same feel on the face as the framed model, but the lenses are bigger. The slopes of the side give a nice sparkle on the face - it is distinguished by the glasses when the glasses are on and look to the side. The bevel edges are comfortably confident with glasses - not everyone's face!"


Flowing heart sunglasses


"The lenses felt a little thicker right away and the bottom -cut lower part is just so sweet. Sitting well and surely bold choice for any situation. If a heart model should be chosen for a man then this is sure to be suitable"


Low heart sunglasses


"It feels like jumping back into the 90s. It felt like age would have dropped a few years after these glasses dropped on the nose - pretty sweet!"

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