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An engagement ring for a woman

An engagement ring for a woman


The engagement and wedding ring are known around the world, symbolizing love and covenant between two people. Engagement is a promise to marry when the wedding ring is again a seal of marriage. In Finland, the engagement ring and the wedding ring are anonymous with the left hand. There are many differences between different cultures, both in the ring and the finger.


Engagement and wedding ring - what to choose?

Traditionally, as a sign of engagement, both sides have carried a similar engagement ring on their finger. The engagement ring is usually stone -free and quite simple. As the marriage is married, the woman has got a wedding ring alongside the engagement ring, which has usually been stone and more spectacular than an engagement ring.

Nowadays, both the wedding ring and the engagement ring can be different with partners and the wedding ring does not have to be more praise than an engagement ring. But on the other hand, men may also have a stoned spectacular wedding ring, unlike the traditional simple stubborn wedding ring.

Engagement ring and wedding ring


An engagement ring material

When the engagement ring symbolizes the promise of marriage and the wedding ring itself, the engagement ring has usually been cheaper and simpler. The most common materials from both rings have been:

  • White gold
  • Yellow gold
  • Rose gold
  • Platinum
  • Silver

Of these materials, the cheapest is silver, which has been featured in its popular engagement rings. The problem of silver is the softness of the material, which has opened the market for newly harder and more durable materials. Recommended materials in engagement rings today are also:

  • Steel
  • Titanium

These hard materials have a inexpensive and extremely durable ring.


Engagement ring

For women and men, a steel engagement ring has been an extremely popular choice. Although the price for the steel ring is low, the material itself is extremely consumed and strong. Steel is a lifelong material. The most common steel used is the so -called surgical steel (steel 316L).

Many times women want anonymously to find a graceful engagement ring. If the material is thin then it must be very strong so that the ring does not lose the shape, ie bend in use. The steel ring can easily be thin and maintain its entire life.

Golden steel rings are also a worthwhile candidate as a wedding ring. The gilding is worn on the steel, but it is very resistant to consumption.

The black steel ring is made by coating the color on the steel. They withstand consumption, but of course they wear out and scratch. But still, they are very popular precisely for their quality ratio.

Steel engagement ring for a woman


Engagement rings for a woman

Often, when choosing engagement rings, the couple still chooses similar rings. From a ring of the same style, a man can choose a slightly wider ring to feel more masculine.

Also, stone steel rings are sometimes a choice for a woman's engagement ring. Synthetic zirconia do not raise much to the price of the ring, which allows you to choose a spectacular glittering ring.

Below you will see a variety of options for a engagement ring for a engagement ring. The selection varies widely and there are many different steel rings that work perfectly as an engagement ring.


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