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A high quality right hair brush for your own hair

A high quality right hair brush for your own hair

Healthy and vibrant hair is definitely everyone's goal in hair care. Very often hair care remains in the hair washing and styling. In hair well -being, it is always worth paying attention to the brush itself, which brushes the hair. Many use the wrong hair brush for their own hair type - the wrong brush can cause hair electrification, branched tops and other harm to the hair.

Like hair washing and styling, the highest quality is not the lowest, but it is worth investing in a high quality brush. You should also remember to clean the hair brush regularly, remove loose hair and check the condition of the brush.

There are considerable differences in hairbrushes in the form, bristles and body. Even in the most expensive hairbrushes, the frames are made of more expensive wood species and finished precisely.

High quality wooden brush

Wildlife cleanses, smoothes and cares

Wildlife is not a new invention, but the product is ancient. Its positive effect on the hair has been found centuries ago. It is suitable for all hair types, but especially for thick and brittle hair, extensions, and corrugated and straight hair.

Natural brush

Wildlife is a great brush type to keep your hair clean, smooth and care for the hair. For hair detection, a wood -spike brush is a better choice or a wild boar in the nylon bristles.

The wild bristle easily sinks into thicker hair, spreading natural oils from the base to the tops, preventing hair drying and fracture. For many, brushing experience is really relaxing. At the same time, the ridge gently massages the scalp to promote blood circulation.

The bristles easily remove impurities accumulated in the hair such as dirt, dust and styling products, as well as extra sebum. The hair remains cleaner, which also reduces the need for washing.

Olive tree trim wildly brush brushPacific wilderry brush line

A wood -spike hairbrush rubs and finds the hair

The wooden hair brush is solid but gentle on the scalp. Wooden rounded spikes are especially suitable for long hair. For damaged hair, a sparse wood -spike brush is great. For thick hair, the spikes may also be frequent so that the spikes are deep enough into the tension.


The strength of the wood -spike brush is the massage given by the spike, which increases the blood circulation of the scalp. Strong wooden spikes also reduce sebum and remove impurities. Natural oils also rise from the base to the length as the scalp rises.

Regular brushing with a natural wood brush keeps the hair naturally moisturized, which makes your hair look healthy shiny.

A wood -spike brush for hairWoodpecker

The brushes and bristles matter

It is important to choose a comfortable and comfortable hairbrush for you and make brushing even your own pampering moment. Look Our online store Full selection of natural brushes.


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