APRILLIA: Nenämaskit alkaen vain 2,99€

April: nasal masks from only € 2.99



From the wishes of our customers, we only add to our selection of nasal masks - so -called nasal masks. However, this is not related to the famous Nose Day.
We have received feedback that using face masks has made it difficult for some users to breathe and make life difficult. By using nasal masks, you can also avoid nasty situations while eating and drinking! In response to this, we are now first introducing this highly anticipated novelty in Finland.

Nose mask Ninja.fi

asiakaspalvelu@ninja.fi  In the future, we will also have decorated nasal masks and nasal masks with mustache, which of course are suitable for both women and men.

THL's A-P. According to Rillia, a nasal mask can achieve good results, and people learn to use them. "Certainly more would use the mask when it doesn't hurt your daily activities so much.

We wish our customers a nice Easter and a good time!

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