"En mä voi käyttää ku mul on nikkeliallergia" ja muita myyttejä nikkelistä.

"I can't use ku mul is nickel allergy" and other myths of nickel.

Have you ever thought that? We hear this in our stores every day and try our best to educate our customers on the matter. However, few consumers know that the concentrations of nickel and many other substances are restricted by law. Let's get back to this later, but first they sold:

Myths of nickel:

    1. "There was nickel on the ring, stayed with a blue -green stripe on the finger even though it was supposed to be silver!" 
    2. "This is certainly made of nickel when they are so cheap!" 
    3. "I can't use other than white gold!" 


EU Directive 94/27/EC  0.5µg/cm²/week.

All of our products below this limit value, that is, from our products, as well as everyone else's products, can potentially dissolve nickel 0 - 0.5µg/m²/week. This amount is so small that it is not harmful to humans. It is also remembered that the nickel is metal, so for example, all plastic products are completely nickel -free.

In 2005, the Nickel Directive was tightened and a new threshold for first jewelery came into force0.2µg/cm²/week Sterling silver, titanium 

Well, how to control this then. Finland has a very well -functioning and effective control with imported products. When the jewelry item arrives through the Finnish Customs, it will be a risk assessment, the shipment is stopped and the quality of the goods is checked by random tests. Finnish Customs, together with the Consumer Agency, conducts a nickel test for the products. In the test, the product is immersed in the artificial sweat for two weeks and finally the mixture is measured by the mass of dissolved substances. If the amount of nickel is within the permissible limits, the product item will be released into the EU market. If the amount of nickel is exceeded, the product item will be destroyed or sent out of the EU area for the importer.

The EU Directive and its limit values ​​are only valid in the EU, so products purchased elsewhere can be removed more in nickel. Similarly, if the product has been brought to Finland past customs or by recording it under an incorrect customs title.

Following the entry into force of the Directive, the number of nickel allergies in Finland has only dropped compared to a fraction of the time before. However, extreme sensitivity has intensified, so if you have received nickel allergy, it can occur really strongly. In this case, for example, the low nickel concentrations of the euro coins can cause an allergic reaction.Allergy can also be local, so the contact in the hand does not cause anything, for example, itching can occur in the neck.

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