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Ankle chain belongs to summer

Here's the summer's must -have products and the first list was ankle jewelry. Especially this summer, with a lot of big audience events, tuning into a summer profile begins in shops and online.

The ankle jewelry goes hand in hand with the "festival bracelet" of summer bracelets. This year, the ankle jewelry collection has a lot of mussel jewelry, steel chains, various knotting ankle jewelry, colorful glass beads and much more.

Especially every summer, the mussel jewelry seems to be heavily featured with all the other down -to -earth themes. The mussel acknowledgment is easy to adjust to the foot. Different designs are braided into textile and can easily be drawn by pulling the ropes.

Mussel ankle chain white 1050400080 | Ninja.fiMussel ankle chain adjustable 1050400081 |

In addition to the mussel theme and other colorful designs, the selection includes more filling and brash models such as steel chains with pendants or, for example, rhinestones with pearl ribbon to the ankle. If you have mussels on the beach during the day, you can change the shiny slimmer jewelry to the ankle for the evening.

Lilac fabric ankle jewelry 105040008213 | Ninja.fiHelmi ankle chain 105040008429 |

Steel ankle chain butterfly pendant 105040007929 | Ninja.fiGold -colored Hamsaka Ankle Jewelry 105040008532 |

The ankle jewelery collection changes in stores and online stores. The easiest way to see the collection either by visiting the store or online store.

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