Pääsiäisen virtuaalinen munajahti 2020

Easter virtual egg yacht 2020

Great Easter virtual egg hunt 2020

As this year we will not get to the egg hunt this year, we decided to implement a virtual egg hunt in our online store. That is, we have hidden virtual Easter eggs in our online store, which you need to find to find prizes. Each Easter egg contains a different benefit. For example, an advantage may be a discount from a product group or even a free product. The yacht starts on Sunday morning at 8:00.

Virtual Easter egg hunt 2020 | Ninja.fi

We have hidden such Easter eggs in our online store.


If you fail to find an Easter egg, you may want to head to Ninja's Instagram account, where we will give tips on the location of the eggs. In the comments on Easter eggs, you can ask us about the location of the Easter eggs. We will hide every hour every hour more eggs so that not everyone is found in the morning.

When you find an Easter egg, you get a code to activate your benefit. All benefits are different and are only valid today. At the checkout, enter your code "Gift Card or Discount Code" and press the Add key.

Congratulations on Easter!


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  • Kiia

    Kertokaa mis niit on!!! XD

  • Anni66

    Vähän makee:) koukutti aika pahasti :D

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