Pestävät kangasmaskit

Washable fabric masks

Washable fabric masks


Department of Health and Welfare (THL) and government have now tightened the mask recommendation in Finland. Face masks should be used In public transport equipment, in public spaces as well as aIna when a close contact cannot be avoided

From our online store you can buy washable fabric masks for many different uses. You can order fabric masks from the web or pick them up directly from our stores From downtown Helsinki (Kamppi Shopping Center, Electric House) or from Hämeenlinna (the marketplace Tavastia). 

The price of a fabric face in the ninja varies according to materials and other features 4,99€ - 6,99€ between. Washing fabric masks are an inexpensive and environmentally friendly option for disposable face masks. Click here to check out our entire range in our online store. Also read about the most popular masks in our article from here.

Also remember to wash the fabric face masks correctly, see instructions from here.

Many times we only hear the use of masks as a reason for a short sting:"I don't bother to use here, but it's included". As a herd of herds, we do not want to stand out from the crowd. In many Asian countries, it has been customary to use face masks every time I get sick and, for example, during the flu season. Perhaps we are still getting used to the idea and the use of fabric masks becomes a commonplace issue.


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