Postipaketit nyt myös kotiinkuljetettuna

Postage packages now also home delivery


Post Package Home Delivery.

Post Package Home Delivery

Value of the order  
Less than € 25 14,90€
25€ - 40€ 9,90€
40€ - 100€ 5,90€
more than € 100 Free


Also remember, all products less than 3cm high can be delivered as letter orders, so they will be delivered home during normal mail distribution. You also have to choose the Post's small package, which is also delivered home.

Post Economy Letter

Value of the order  
Less than 5 € 3,90€
5€ - 40€ free

Mail small package

Value of the order  
Less than 30 € 5,90€
Over 30 € free

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