Suosituin kasvomaskimme on...

Our most popular face mask is ...

Our most popular face mask is ...


There are many different patterns in our range and new models will come at least a couple of times a month. Despite this, the most popular fabric mask is black.


Black face mask is definitely the most looking for, it fits almost everything. From materials 100% cotton fabric mask is definitely the most popular. Another very popular material is flax, of which many have said that breathing is easier with linen with fabric mask.

Fabric face masks are in our range of two layers of masks. For example, the above linen mask is 100% linen on the outside and the inside layer is 98% cotton and 2% elastane. In a cotton mask, that outer layer is 100% cotton instead of linen.

Disposable face masks are often considered uncomfortable to use and it does not look very stylish either. They fit into the operating room, but on the street they bounce on the eyes - and they don't look terrible. The whole prevailing situation gives you the opportunity to bring yourself to the face of the face, like clothes. Customers are now looking for more and more colorful, patterned or something different than just black. Black is good to be involved, but it is nice to put something more exciting on the party or the street.

The most popular of children -sized fabrics is definitely unicorn 🦄, while youth uses a lot Army or Camo patterned fabric mask. It's for many that familiar throat salad xD


As Christmas is approaching, we will become more and more, for example glittering fabrics suitable for festive use And certainly some face masks where Christmas and Halloween are the theme. However, these are quickly sold out of our warehouse. We are waiting for the masks of future seasonal seasonal and hope that there will be fun and fucking designs to give you a smile on the Christmas table!
In the comments, tell me what kind of fabric masks you would like to use and let's see if we get them in our selection!


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