Tulosta omat aurinkolasisi!

Print your own sunglasses!

Design and print your own sunglasses at home!

Today we have a great opportunity to introduce something completely new to you. We are the first in the world to bring a printer to the consumer market that can make themselves sunglasses at home. Our 3D printer is designed to print sunglasses. The software is designed to be very easy to use and can also be used on the phone.
Sunglass printer Ninja.fi
The device is very small so it fits on every home table. The printer is also very quiet and does not interfere with the printing.With the help of new technology, we have been able to drop the printout time of basic sunglasses for a good hour. The printing material is any ABS, PLA and PVA printing plastic. You can design your own sunglasses yourself from the start or buy a finished model from our online store. All models for sale in our online store are completely customized by the customer.
Our printer deliveries will begin in late April. The printer price is € 189 (VAT 24%) delivered home. Our range also comes with a print tape 1kg in all colors of the rainbow. The cost of printing a basic sunglass is about € 3.


Technical information:

    • Printing Technology: FDM method.
    • Printing material: ABS/PLA/PLA translucent/pva/flex, 1.75 mm.
    • Printing temperature: up to +220 ° C.
    • Print area: 230 x 150 x 160 mm.
    • Print accuracy: ± 0.10mm.
    • Heated print area: ABS; +110 ° C - +115 ° C, PLA: +50 ° C.
    • Connections: USB (for cable), SD memory card, Wi-Fi.
    • Nozzle diameter: 0.40 mm.
    • Layer thickness: 0.1-0.5 mm.
    • Printer dimensions: 200 x 350 x 200 mm.
    • Printer weight: 8.5 kg.
    • File Type: STL/OBJ.
    • Operating system Requirements: Macos 10.15.3.


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