Verkkokauppamme toimii poikkeustilasta huolimatta

Our online store is operating despite the state of emergency

The safety of our staff and our clients is of paramount importance to us, and therefore it is particularly important that together we prevent the virus. All of our stores, online stores and customer service are currently normally open. Orders for e -commerce are delivered within the normal delivery time. We follow THL's recommendations and change the practice if needed.


Opening hours:


Shopping in the store:

The store is still safe, but we still recommend all our customers to shop primarily in our online store. We have streamlined the cleaning of the stores and instructed our staff for hygiene.

  • Follow the general guidance of THL to prevent virus to prevent
  • Use card payment instead of cash
  • Keep the distance to other customers and staff
  • Don't be in vain to touch the products


E -commerce activity:

Our online store operates normally and deliveries are currently on schedule. Delivery times are also normal. Buying products from an online store is safe. As a rule, the virus spreads as a droplet infection from one person to another in close contact. Surface infection is not considered a threat.

Welcome to shopping at our online store!


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