Yhen illan juttu 8.4. Hämeenlinnan Tavastilassa

One evening story 8.4. In Hämeenlinna in Tavastila

One evening story 8.4.

The Marketplace in Tavastila in Hämeenlinna will host a "One Evening" event next Friday. Come on the spot, lots of event and offers! See the detailed program below.

Start for your life relationship?

One evening story 8.4. -Spring purchase event for the first time in the Hämeenlinna city center and for true intent!


from 5 pm to 8 pmHämeenlinna-Vanaja parish Visit: The rooster shares eggs that include the sub -codes of the stores! In addition, during the evening, the opportunity to talk to the ward staff about things weighing on mind.

from 6 pm to 7 pm Hämeenlinna Theater Visit and tells about their software - actors in role -playing and the opportunity to get together with them!

at 6:30 pm Dance School TR Studio Dance performance TR UC Minit* See for the first time!

at 7 pm Live music: as an artist guest Paul Elias**

at 7:30 pm Dance School TR Studio Dance performance TR UC Sparks*See for the first time!

at 8 pm Live music: as an artist guest Paul Elias**

Most of the stores open until 9pm

Presented by Peter Petro

One evening can change everything - come and fall in love!

*Tr uc minit

A small group of hip hop small groups of 7-10 years of enthusiastic dancer, who have been pursuing purposefully since last fall. In addition to hip hop, they train show dance and acro and some also compete in show dance! The first races of the group are April 10th, and this is also the first joint performance of the group!


A small group of street dancers of 10-12 year old dancers, competing in hip hop and street series. The group has been dancing together since the fall of 2020 and they are training for about 6-8h a week. They have competed in the Hip Hop Children's Series three times, of which there is one win and one silver! This choreography will see its premiere at the event and will compete in the spring season, which will begin on Sunday in Seinäjoki.

** Paul Elias

Helsinki-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalistPaul Elias He released his debut album as a solo artist in the fall of 2020. "Natural Forces" contains stories that have been born based on the artist's own life for the past five years. Several well -received singles were cut from the album, such as those who ended up on radio playWhat Sil is in between andRemind me.

The multitalent, which records for Universal Music, rose to a larger audience even before his solo career, by influencing Satin Circus. In addition to his solo career, he has also made music for other artists. Currently, he is working on his second solo album, which has already appearedWords backmixed The colors of the dark.The artist was also seen during the autumn 2021 survivors Finland production season. Above all, he released a new song in early 2022Disappear when I go, who is involved in the drama movie that premieres in the spring.

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