Ninja Espoo - kauppakeskus Sello & Entresse

Ninja Espoo - Sello & Entresse Shopping Center

Shopping Centre Sello


On September 14, 2005 we opened a new Ninja store in the newly opened In the Sello shopping center To Espoo. The Leppävaara shopping center Sello was an important event throughout southern Finland. There was a long history from Maxi-Market since the time and now a big new center for Espoo has been given to Espoo.

In 2018, our Sello store served as a pilot for our new store concept. However, in September of the following year, we had to close our store at the end of the lease.



Our second Espoo store opened just before Christmas to Espoo Center Entresse of Shopping Center From Siltakatu 11 on November 25, 2008. The construction of the store took place on schedule, after all we had just opened a renovated store in Lahti in Triio.

During our operations, we replaced the retail space within the shopping center, making space for the H&M store. The Entresse store closed in 2014, a chain strategy due to the change and the termination of the lease.

Although you are not now able to hypnotize our products in Espoo, you can always order the products directly to your home from our online store! And if now the terrible need for jumping comes in downtown Helsinki and Kamppi Shopping Center Fortunately, they are very close.