Bad eye


Bad eye There is a gaze in the superstition of many cultures that can harm if you do not kill.The evil eye is very often associated with witchcraft and envy. The evil eye has been believed around the world since ancient times in Roman beliefs and in the Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu and Islamic tradition. Even in indigenous peoples, the belief in the evil eye is common.

It has been widely believed that the evil eye is due to malice, such as jealousy, to success, prosperity and beauty.

There have been different ways in different cultures to protect themselves from the evil eye; For example, Turkish Nazar Amulet protects against a bad eye.

The evil eye is either staring at the demon or the gaze of the enemy, and especially the jealous. The evil eye appears strong, for example, in many current and former nomadic cultures and many natural peoples.

Children are particularly sensitive to the bad eye. In many cultures, women have given birth alone for this. The mother's strong energy field is believed to protect the child. In Finland, too, it was customary for the mother to have a first week alone with the child after giving birth in a dusk room. In Finland, the sauna and spells have also been used to eliminate the effect of the evil eye.