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Men's sunglasses 2021 sunglasses trends

Men's sunglasses year 2021


The year as we changed so we started to predict which of the 2021 sunglasses collection will be one of the biggest stuff and which one will best get through. The latest trends in 2021 are now starting to appear as spring has reached the point where summer is at the door. Sunglasses are a very unique product on the side of the outfit and the fact that not all glasses are suitable for everyone's face. Not all trend sunglasses look good on everyone's face. It is important to find the right shapes of sunglasses that are suitable for your own facial features.
Historically, fashion reflects the situation of society and this year does not differ from it. This year's sunglass trends will focus on the balance between new, strong poles and classic models. Consumers are looking for easy and sensible models that work in many situations. A good example is, for example, a more angular design of a pilot glass with a mirror lens.


To select sunglasses

When it comes to choosing sunglasses, you can do it in two ways. You can choose the classics -Wayfarer models -a model that has protected your grandfather's retina since the 1950s, or you can go according to a sunglass trend and look at the model, color and lenses that fit the spirit of the time. But you just choose from the styles so the most important thing is to choose glasses that fit your face to cover your eyes and give a touch of extra to the whole.

Before you start choosing your own sunglass model and trying out different styles, it's best to know what kind of glasses fit on your face.


Sunglasses for round face

Round facial features are the equal length and width of the face, soft features and a round jaw line. The angular sunglasses provide strength to the face shape, deep colors reduce fullness, and gradient lenses extend the face. The turtle pattern (Tortoise) and soft colors are ideal shades. Thicker poles with wide buckets are also suitable for round face as they increase width. However, from round sunglasses, this face shape should always remain separated.


Sunglasses for heart -shaped face

The heart -shaped face has a wide forehead and cheekbones with tapered chin. You can combat this shape by looking for sunglasses, where the poles are thin or bright plastic and the lower part of the lenses is wider, such as Aviator sunglasses and rectangular lenses. This balances the narrow shape of the chin. Avoid dark colors such as black as they easily break the face shapes.


Sunglasses for oval faces

 Although the oval -shaped face is balanced overall, it must be remembered that they are longer than wider. Slightly squares of tear -shaped lenses look very good on these faces, including oversized lenses, for example in pilot glasses, are good for these faces. However, avoid angular styles such as rectangular lenses as they can narrow the face.


Sunglasses for square faces

Deadings of square facial faces are a strong jaw line and a wide forehead. The goal is to soften these facial shapes: this can be achieved by choosing round sunglasses or drop -shaped lenses. Metal frames make the face softer - black and monochrome poles also flatter these faces. Avoid square or rectangular forms as they draw attention to the corners and easily give a shorter impression of your head.


6 sunglass style for summer 2021


We listed all the toughest sunglass styles this season. And we got a six -style list, which is worth picking a few styles this summer.


Round sunglasses

It is clear for the day why round sunglasses work so well with John Lennon - he is John Lennon. However, do not allow the lack of our own merits to harm here, because few of us have been as successful in Rock & Roll's field as he. Also, we mortals can put on these vintage spiritual glasses in style.

Round sunglasses are an absolute must -have this season. Square and diamond -shaped faces are best suited for these frames because round models work best for those with organic facial features.

If the features of your face lack straight angular shapes, these fats are not completely excluded. Round lenses combined with the pink, where the top is completely straight, forgive a lot in the rounder face. This allows you to circulate the round lens cursing from your face.

On the blog "Round glasses are retro"There has been more of the charm and story of round glasses.

Big angular round sunglasses 202010044221 | Ninja.fiRound sunglasses 202010044023 | Ninja.fiRound Thick Sun Glasses 202010043627 | Ninja.fi


Athletic futuristic

The endless trend cycle does not care about opinions. Aerodynamic athletic sunglasses with mirror lenses are indeed back. If your own style is not flexible on everything then it is better to keep these glasses with just a bike.

Instead of extremely athletic glasses, the alternative is the stylish sports -minded sunglasses, which are the absolute hit this summer. In these glasses, the top of the poles is flat. The lenses may be separate, making the style more subdued than in the models where the lenses are made of one lens. The entire width lens will certainly give the glasses a slightly futuristic touch.

Big Techno Glasses 202010044927 | Ninja.fiMirror sunglasses fast technolasses 202010045111 | Ninja.fiDC LANGTHS SUPPLIERS 202010038827 | Ninja.fi



Round and square shapes have long been realistic alternatives to sitting stylish sunglasses, but time has changed. More and more fashion houses have brought more angular shapes to replace the round shapes. Whether it is round or curved shapes, the angle has wanted to update traditional forms. A good example is the classic pilot glasses, which have received angular shapes on the table of many designers.

You can read more about the pilot glasses about their own about blog post.

 Corner pilot glasses Aviators 202010044823 | Ninja.fiHexiculous sunglasses 202010042613 | Ninja.fiTriangle sunglasses geometric glasses 202010047317 | Ninja.fi



Minimalist and colorful lenses are the first thing that comes to mind from sunglasses from the 90s. Everyone who lived this decade will surely remember Puff Daddy's performances on MTV. Low small rectangular lenses without frames were a regular businessman's standard accessory.

In addition to rectangular lenses, small and low lenses in different forms were the thing.

Frameless square sunglasses 202010042915 | Ninja.fiLow square sunglasses 202010047523 | Ninja.fiFrameless square sunglasses 90s 202010043403 | Ninja.fi

Now, the more modern version of the 2021 year is certainly low lenses with thick frames. Here's a sure -fire product for the summer!

Black thick rugged square sunglasses 202010043327 | Ninja.fiLow square sunglasses OG 202010043303 | Ninja.fiLow white sunglasses thick Pokat 202010043301 | Ninja.fi



Aviator glasses are not so much a trend but a style that rises and falls. Some summer they are the model that has to appear in the head. In the second year, they only work at the Topgu theme party. Traditional pilot glasses will surely find a solid user base that do not look after the trends.

The pilot glasses really make their return. Compared to that traditional flight glass style, the materials and design have been updated. Many of the now pilot glasses have one bridge in Pokka instead of two.

If you want to upgrade your style to the nerves of time, choose gold -colored Poka or even colored lenses in pilot glasses. Small details are also welcomed to this model.

You can read more about our Aviatori model on our blog "Classic pilot glasses (Aviators)".

Black pilot sunglasses 202010044727 | Ninja.fiStylish Pilot Sun Glasses 202010046027 | Ninja.fiBrown pilots sunglasses 202010032723 | Ninja.fi

Colorful sunglasses

As a rule of thumb, sunglasses are a cohesive entity. If you already have a few classics in the box, now it's a good time to choose the more colorful glasses for the summer to tint. According to today's style, the colors are bright and the same color is the whole sunglass from the lens. When the lenses are tinted in the same shade as the poks, life looks really bright in red, blue and yellow.

Colorful sunglasses are not forced to be the perfect choice for summer weddings with a suit. But they are definitely perfect with a t-shirt and shorts. They are noticed on the face.

 Women's translucent sunglasses 202010048005 | Ninja.fiThick -tanned low square sunglasses 202010043311 | Ninja.fiYellow Cat eye sunglasses 202010042403 | Ninja.fi

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