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Cross necklaces and prayer strips

Cross necklaces are the men's classic jewelry


We always have cross jewelry on the neck, ear and wrist. The cross is perfect for a woman as a man. Its position as a mere religious symbol has certainly been lighter over the years and many keep the grid as part of their outfit.

Steel cross necklace pendant Ninja.fi


What is a cross jewelry?

The cross is a geometric pattern consisting of two cutting line or columns that are usually perpendicular to each other. The lines usually run vertically and horizontally. The cross-line cross, which is in Latin X-shaped, is also called the Salt Terminology in heraldic terminology.


What does the cross symbolize?

In various forms, the cross was a symbol of different beliefs. During the pre-Christian period, it was a pagan religious symbol throughout Europe and Western Asia. In ancient times, a man -hanging man's image was erected on the fields to protect the crop. The cross was even regarded as a man's symbol of Fallinen Life; Thus, it often appeared in combination with a circle or oval of the female genital organs, meaning a sacred marriage, such as the Egyptian amulet Nefer, which has a male cross and a female ball, which was considered a charm of sexual harmony.

Crosses are often used as an indication of commitment to Christian faith, and sometimes they are given as a gift in disputes such as baptism and confirmation.

It is considered an ecumenical symbol, which means that supporters of any Christian trend can use it. It is a classic shape and can be considered sensible, unmatched in its faith and reliable.


What kind of cross necklaces are there?

A cross necklace is any necklace with a geometric cross pattern - a Christian cross or a crucifix.

There are many different stylish crosses in the range, as well as chains and ribbons where the contradiction hangs. Indeed, the most popular crosses are the very classic graceful Christian cross and the more masculine iron cross / Maltan Cross.

The best -selling cross necklaces in our range are high quality surgery steel (steel 316L). When the pendant and chain are made of steel, the jewelry is strong and high quality. The steel does not wear out and it does not need to be removed when you go to the shower and sauna. It does not wear out when sweating but keeps its color.

Wooden, plastic crosses can also be found in the selection. The neckline in the conflict often has a steel chain, but a cotton rope is also a popular alternative to the neck.


What is the Iron Cross?

Iron Cross (scissor. Eisernes Kreuz) is a high German badge based on originally The German Orderto use for a cross ID.

King of Prussia Fredrik Vilhelm IIIintroduced the Raut Cross as a badge of honor in the year 1813. The Iron Cross was an exceptional badge of honor because it was not the basis for granting a social status, as was often the case at that time, but the bravery and leadership of the battle alone.

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Men's prayer strips


Prayer strips have been part of men's dress for decades. In addition to the religious meaning, they have come to the accessory side to stay.

Catholics use a prayer tape to calculate prayers. The prayer tape purchased as an accessory is a stylish Y-jewelry. There are a lot of different designs, materials, sizes and colors. The selection of prayer straps varies according to sales and season.

In the range of necklaces you will also find religious pendants inspired by the miraculous Medical Laboré, Krusifixes and Guadalup's Virgin (Our Lade of Guadalupe).

 Brown wooden prayer tape for a man Ninja.fi


The history of prayer tape

The first accurate descriptions of prayer tapes have been found in the statues of Hindu185 BC. - 320 Share. The use of a prayer tape is believed to have begun in prehistoric India.

ChristianThe use of prayer tapes is expected to be the cancellation of deserts from the 20th century. The Christians of the EastAmong the prayer tape was known asChhotki. In Catholicism, the prayer tape began to be called a rose after the introduction of Ave Maria's prayer. The name is based on a rose, which is considered a flower of Virgin Mary and perfection.


What does the prayer tape symbolize?

The prayer tape is a Catholic aid for meditation and prayer. The prayer strips are made of wood, stones, jewels, glass, metal and even plastic. In Christianity rThe thunderstorm has knots and is most often made of wool. Historically, there are a hundred knots in the prayer tape, but nowadays 50 and 33 knots are also used. At the end of the prayer ribbon there is often a braided cross and at certain intervals the beads are repeated between the nodes.


Can a prayer tape be used if not a believer?

The importance of the prayer tape and the cross in general as a mere religious symbol has been impaired over time. The cross and prayer ribbon are used as a jewelry without its greater belief in a particular faith.

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