Ninja Tampere - Koskikeskus

Ninja Tampere - Koskikeskus

Ninja Tampere - Shopping Center Koskikeskus

We opened our first Tampere store with Franchise in 1999 on the second floor of the Koskikeskus Shopping Center.


We moved to Hämeenkatu on the stone base. However, not everyone went as planned for the retail space and the new move was ahead after a year.

Aleksis Kiven Street

The new space was found quite close to Aleksis Kivi Street. At the end of the Franchise Agreement, we moved to a temporary space.

The Duo of Shopping Center

The temporary premises were found in Hervanta Shopping Center Duo, where we moved in 2008. The lease ended in 2013, but we had not found a new space according to the original plan.

Although you can't get our products in Tampere now, you can always order the products directly to your home from our online store!